Sunday, 28 June 2009


Has anyone been watching Glastonbury on TV. I just caught the last song of Bruce Springsteen last night, what an incredible performance and as for Tom Jones, Kasabian, Neil Young, Florence and the Machine, all magic.

My son Jason is actually attending the festival himself. I sent him a text last night asking him if he was enjoying himself and his reply was... It's smashing here. Make sure you tape it for me again! J..... All-in-all sounds like he's having a good time.

Maybe next year I'll have to attend? However the only problem is that I don't like the mud or large crowds. So that's me out, but it still looks like fantastic fun.

Snow In June?

Well I know it looks like snow but actually its white fluff off a tree(not sure the name of the tree though.) All I can say is that its making an aweful mess.

If anyone knows what it is or it's purpose please inform me because I haven't a clue myself.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lost Pounds

One of the by-products, so to speak, of doing the Alkalising course is weight-loss and although many people have said that they didn't think that I needed to lose weight, I knew in myself that I was carrying a few extra pounds. More than a few in fact.

I've just completed week nine of the course and the results of my of Alkalising, apart from myself feeling outstandingly good, it has also allowed me to lose 10lbs in weight. I am now weighing in at under 13 stone, in fact to be precise I'm 12stone 13lbs. (A big round of applause, thank you)

Last Sunday I treated myself into buying a brand new suit for my 25th Wedding Anniversary. I was really pleased to have the option of purchasing a really expensive one that I liked, however the best thing, the suit had also lost some pounds - the price had been dramatically slashed in the sales

Apart from the streamline price, it was also the perfect fit, 34" waist 40" chest, however what makes these measurements quite interesting is this....... they are very similar to the measurements that I had when I bought my suit to get married in almost twenty-five years ago.

Well of course I came away from the shop feeling amazingly pleased with myself and it just goes to show that following a moderate alkalising diet can really help turn back time.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Top Ten Songs With Saxophone Solo's

Last night my son Jason and I were talking about our all time top songs ever produced. He mentioned that I should create my own top ten favourites to put on my blog.........Which got me thinking.

Because I'm learning to play the Saxophone and forgive me if I'm biased but I personally think that the Saxophone is the coolest instrument out there (sorry to all you guitar players.) I thought that I would compile my all-time top ten pop songs which have Saxophone Solo's in them.. so here they are.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other suggestions.

10/ Year Of The Cat - Al Stewart

9/ Spandua Ballet - True

8/ Brown Sugar - The Rolling Stones

7/ Born To Run - Bruce Sprinsteen

6/ One Step Beyond - Madness

5/ Careless Whisper - George Michael

4/ Us And Them - Pink Floyd

3/ Young Americans - David Bowie

2/ You Belong To The City - Glen Frey

1/ Gerry Raffety - Baker Street

Yeah... I know they're all mostly eighties hits - but there you have it my all time favourites.. albeit 'Golden Oldies'

Monday, 1 June 2009

Kuk Sool European Championships & Masters Exhibition

Normally I find our annual Kuk Sool martial art tournament a real chore, but this year I have to say that I enjoyed myself emensely.

Without the added pressure of having too many of my own students competing, I was able to relax a little and enjoy the days events.

On Saturday evening after the competition we held the Masters Demo and I'm pleased to add, I felt that I had renewed energy to give a more vibrant display myself. Something I had been struggling with over the last few years.

Without trying to blow my own trumpet too much, I even managed to pull off a mid-air acrobatic somersault during my particular part of the exhibition, something I haven't dared attempt for well over ten years.

My current eating and exercise regime is certainly paying dividends and I can honestly say that I feel that there is life in the 'old dog' yet. In fact as I've said in previous posts I literally feel ten years younger. (Now the somesault proves it.)

I may not be able to leap around like some of the youngsters who perform in our exhibitions, but I'm certainly proud of the fact that myself and my wife (KJN) Ali still have what it takes to perform well.

I can't wait for the next one in November in Liverpool.

P.S. The picture above shows my daughter Rachel and wife Ali, pictured with Kuk Sool Grandmaster, In Hyuk Suh, directly after the Master Exhibition on Saturday night - Rachel was also promoted to 4th Degree Black Belt the same evening.