Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thank God For The Modern Dentist

As a kid I was always forced to go to the school dentist.

Need I say more except from there on I had a big phobia about regularly visiting any Dentist. Up until a few years ago (just after having all my wisdom teeth extracted) the fear of making that regular trip has totally disappeared.

This morning I have just had an old 'cracked' tooth capped. Not only will this protect the tooth for many years to come, it will also cosmetically enhance the look within my mouth, getting rid of another one of those grey old fillings.

Therefore I say congratulations to all modern dentistry practices with those pain free gadgets that they now have. I also endorse the new breed of Dentist who totally understand how to treat neurotics like myself.

My own Dentist not only has Radio two on while she works on me (to distract me), but she also explains every single procedure along the way, which is good. My only problem is that I can never reply to her questions, usually because of got something she got stuffed into my mouth at the time.

Never-the-less I now see the trip to the Dentist as pleasure, because I need to inform her how much I've flossed since the previous visit and how many times that I clean my teeth in one day.

If only I'd done that forty years ago....

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Renegade Millionaire Course

Sorry that it's been a while since my last post, the only excuse that I can make is that I've been feeling slightly under-par, recovering from a cold virus I contracted about four weeks ago.

Since then not much has happened in my life, although I did recently attend a course in London called the 'Renegade Millionaire'. This three day event was organised by Chris Cardell one of the Uk's leading authorities on business marketing and also leading marketing expert from the USA the legendary Dan Kennedy. The event attracted approx. one hundred and forty business owners from all over the UK and Europe.

As a small business owner myself much of the information I obtained was highly beneficial and I felt that I had gained my monies worth after only the first couple of hours. The big question however - Will it help me to become financially independent? - I suppose only time will tell, however one thing is for sure, it's certainly increased my chances and at least put me on the road to autonomy. All I have to do now is follow through with the information provided and see what happens.

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