Tuesday, 23 September 2008

It's Up To Me

I was recently looking through some files on the computer and came across the following piece of work that I had written myself several years ago when I was going through my 'Coaching' phase. I thought it was well worth including in this blog for anyone who might be interested in getting their life back on track.

Are you satisfied where you find yourself right now? Do you believe that you are capable of so much more? Are you happy living a life of mediocrity or are you searching for greater things? What can you do today, to get you where you really want to be tomorrow?

If these are some of the questions you are asking yourself right now then you're obviously dissatisfied with what you are achieving in your life at present. As human beings we are capable of so much more and there is no reason why you should not be able to fulfil all your dreams.

Many years ago I found myself in a very similar position, deep inside I knew that I was really capable of achieving so much more in my life. I was dissatisfied with the results I was getting. I had a burning desire to change, but at the time I was really unsure how to go about it.

All throughout my childhood I had been programmed for mediocrity. At school I can vividly recall my teachers telling me to ‘not step out of line’ or ‘ get any bright ideas’ and many times I was reprimanded for daydreaming out the window.

Today, it is often very difficult to swim against the tide of negative conditioning. Everyday we are faced with a constant wave of depressing news. The media is usually only concerned with the one person who gets knocked over by a car in the street and generally does not care about the nine hundred and ninety nine other successful crossings that goes by each day.

With this type of conditioning available to most of us it is therefore not uncommon to find many people stuck in a rut. Do not forget what the definition of a rut is…. It’s only a grave with the ends taken out.

So what can we do?

Well of course there many things that we can do over a period of time, but one thing than we can almost do immediately is to take responsibility for our own actions and not lay the blame for things elsewhere.

You see, I have this little saying which has helped me through some difficult times and I use it as an affirmation to get me off my butt.

'If its to be, than it's up to me.'

As far as the above piece of work is concerned - you may have noticed since I started writing this blog I have once again taken responsbility for my life and my actions.

I now firmly believe that I'm out of the rut and back on track and once again Fighting Fit.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Back Home

Well I'm back home after my holiday in Spain and I have to say I'm feeling really refreshed.

I can't think of anything worse than boring you with all the details about my holiday exploits and of course showing you endless photos, which are of no particular interest to anyone except myself.

So I'll only give you a few brief details about my vacation including one family photo (above). I'm sure that you'll be pleased to know in keeping with my theme of becoming fighting fit at fifty it wasn't all sun, sea and sangria.

My daily morning routine consisted of rising about 7.30am and going outside and stretching for about 10 minutes. The warm climate does make so much difference when you're exercising, my flexibility increased by about twenty percent.

After stretching, I then practised all my Kuk Sool forms , improvising with some barbecue utensils and broom handles as make shift weapons.

I would then swim in the pool for approximately thirty - forty minutes, completing on average one hundred and fifty lengths (this might sound impressive, however the pool was only about 4 metres long.)

It was such a pleasure swimming in the mornings watching the sunrise and the pool temperature hovering around 80 degrees. Swimming is just a great way to keep in shape.

I worked-out for at least one hour everyday while on holiday and on some occasions longer. I have to say that it wasn't over strenuous exercise just enough to get a little-bit of a sweat on.

The main thing about my exercise regime - I was consistent and didn't miss a morning, but still had plenty of time for relaxation too. (Totally balanced)

Upon returning home after most vacations I've usually increased my overall weight by several pounds. This morning I weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised that I was 13stone 5lbs. - I actually lost 1 lb. Hooray!!

Well here I am again back in England on a chilly Saturday morning, preparing to go training once again. At least the sun is shining and I'm feeling re-vitalised and once again ready for action.

Now I'm looking forward to the Houston heat in three weeks time.