Monday, 20 December 2010

Winter Again

I don't know about you but this year seems to have passed by so quickly that I feel that it was only yesterday that I was looking forward to celebrating my 50th birthday in the heat of the summer. Today, we are again experiencing some extreme wintery conditions with snow on the ground and the temperature outside at -4 degrees.

As my wife and family know, I dislike the cold weather considerably and I tend to become miserable with these wintry conditions. This year I have taken extra measures to keep warm, I have invested in some thermal underwear and have also purchased a SAD glo-light lamp to help beat the winter blues. I believe that these items have made a considerable difference and although I don't like the cold, I do seem to be tolerating the winter just that little bit better than before.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Thank God For The Modern Dentist

As a kid I was always forced to go to the school dentist.

Need I say more except from there on I had a big phobia about regularly visiting any Dentist. Up until a few years ago (just after having all my wisdom teeth extracted) the fear of making that regular trip has totally disappeared.

This morning I have just had an old 'cracked' tooth capped. Not only will this protect the tooth for many years to come, it will also cosmetically enhance the look within my mouth, getting rid of another one of those grey old fillings.

Therefore I say congratulations to all modern dentistry practices with those pain free gadgets that they now have. I also endorse the new breed of Dentist who totally understand how to treat neurotics like myself.

My own Dentist not only has Radio two on while she works on me (to distract me), but she also explains every single procedure along the way, which is good. My only problem is that I can never reply to her questions, usually because of got something she got stuffed into my mouth at the time.

Never-the-less I now see the trip to the Dentist as pleasure, because I need to inform her how much I've flossed since the previous visit and how many times that I clean my teeth in one day.

If only I'd done that forty years ago....

This post is sponsored by laptop radiation protection - Phone Shield.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Renegade Millionaire Course

Sorry that it's been a while since my last post, the only excuse that I can make is that I've been feeling slightly under-par, recovering from a cold virus I contracted about four weeks ago.

Since then not much has happened in my life, although I did recently attend a course in London called the 'Renegade Millionaire'. This three day event was organised by Chris Cardell one of the Uk's leading authorities on business marketing and also leading marketing expert from the USA the legendary Dan Kennedy. The event attracted approx. one hundred and forty business owners from all over the UK and Europe.

As a small business owner myself much of the information I obtained was highly beneficial and I felt that I had gained my monies worth after only the first couple of hours. The big question however - Will it help me to become financially independent? - I suppose only time will tell, however one thing is for sure, it's certainly increased my chances and at least put me on the road to autonomy. All I have to do now is follow through with the information provided and see what happens.

Post sponsored by Phoenix Training - Management Training

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Great Photo!

I recently took this photo on a trip down to Wiltshire.

It's situated in Avebury where the large stones are placed. I just love looking at trees generally, their shapes, sizes and leaf patterns, however this one, I have to say is exceptional, exposing it's routes for all to see.

Truly a tree amongst trees.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

My Yearly Cold!

Almost the same time every year I pick up a cold virus. I've come to realise that it's natures way of slowing me down a little.

Previous to this I have been running myself, both mentally and physically at a hundred miles-per-hour, and now I'm currently having to go at a ten mph pace, in the slow lane.

As an ex practitioner of complimentary medicine, I have often given other people such great advice about, taking time-out, relaxing more, taking life easy, that sort of stuff. Unfortunately like many other well-meaning therapists I don't somehow listen to my own advice, until you guessed it...something goes wrong.

Never mind I'm sitting here with the tissues nearby, feeling sorry for myself!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


First of all sincere apologies that it's been so long since my last post.

It's not that I've been spending all of my spare time posting on Facebook or anything like that, in fact to be honest, I'm totally fed up with the Facebook craze and have decided to keep any further personal communication to an absolute minimum.

So what have I been up to? Well I've been working quite intensely on several things, including my business, diet and fitness.

Over the summer months, since my birthday I have been carefully monitoring my diet and I weighed myself today at 13stone 4lbs (186lbs), which is about 4lbs more than I was this time last year. Not to worry though as I'm feeling really good about myself and very positive about my future.

Please keep viewing my blog to find out whats happening in the future.

Some interesting things to tell you about that's coming up?

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Three Years Today!!

It's three years today since my Father passed away.

I know that my Dad was a good man. He hardly got angry and greeted everyone that he met with a smile, even when he was in discomfort himself toward the end of his life.

I cannot think of a bad word to say about him, he was a very simple uncomplicated Gentleman and if I only posses just a few of his traits, then I should feel blessed.

I dedicate this post to him - Victor Richard Ducker 1918 - 2007

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Closing Down?

Now that I've managed to reach the good old age of fifty and Facebook becoming more popular I was debating whether or not to close this particular blog down..................But my daughter Rachel (kindly without telling me) has up-graded and given my 'fightingfitatfifty blog' a brand new look.

So for at least the time-being, it has inspired me to carry-on. So thanks Rach you've done a wonderful job as always.

The above photo is Rachel in a corn-field making crop circles ? She's very creative you know!!!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

50th Birthday

Well it came to pass -
My 50th Birthday.....
I suppose the pictures say it all!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Great Kids!!

I've just had both my kids at home for the Weekend. I just love it when they're together and enjoying each others company - reminds me when they were younger!!

I'm so grateful for having two fantastically talented and wonderful kids!!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

50th Birthday Holiday

Well I can reveal to you, for those that might be remotely interested that the location of my special birthday holiday (re)treat is..... Tenerife.

Well I know it's not quite the exotic location that I've talked about in previous posts, such as China, Hawaii or the Canadian Rockies. But my wife Ali has booked us into a Sensatori Spa, (five Star) Resort, which to be honest is exactly what I need at this moment in time as I'm completely Knackered.

Ali and I are really looking forward to spending some quality time together and I know she's going to pamper me completely on my birthday and I'm also hoping she'll take me up to Mt. Tiede to see the sunset above the clouds, which is said to be an unforgettable experience.

I can't wait!!!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

England v's Germany -Update!!

So much for my predication concerning the football match between England & Germany ! Hey I'm a Martial Arts Instructor - what the heck do I know about football anyway!

'Mum In A Million'

Last year I bought my Mum a rose for Mother's Day - It was called 'Mum In A Million'. Well here it is in full-bloom.

Also a lovely photo of my Mum who's actually 85 this year - also in full bloom.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Come On England!!

As far back as I can remember I've always enjoyed kicking a Football. I have never been a prolific soccer player myself, but I've followed the 'beautiful game' all my life.

The 2010 World Cup has been very interesting to watch and well done to South Africa for hosting an excellent tournament. But now we're getting down to the crunch games and there's no bigger rivalry than England v's Germany.

Watching England play Slovenia on Wednesday was a nerve-wracking experience and I suppose over the years I've seen many England games that have left myself as well as the rest of the nation thinking about 'what could have been.'

So come on England, the whole nation is behind you! Lets see you at least crush the Germans. I predict a 2-0 victory to England. (No penalties)

Then hopefully it's the Argentinians next!

PS The photograph shows the Kuk Sool kids in Halesworth - We're supporting England and South Korea as well!!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Birthday destination

Soon I will be able to inform you about the destination where I'm likely to spend my 50th Birthday; is it going to be Thailand, China, Canadian Rocky Mountains or just good old Britain?

All will be revealed very shortly.

Come back soon to find out!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Men's Health Week 2010

It's the start of National Men's Health Week, which is all about bringing increased awareness to all issues concerning male health and fitness.

From my own perspective I realise that it is so important for men of my own particular age (and younger) to look after themselves in the way of regular exercise and following a balanced diet.

It is a known fact that so many illnesses and diseases could be avoided by just paying a little more attention to these particular aspects, as well as a reduction in smoking and alcohol intake.

In my youth I have to admit, mainly due to ignorance and lifestyle I did eat a lot of junk food, as well as smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. I always felt pretty crap to say the least until I took up the martial arts. So I do know what it's like to experience what I like to call the "dark-side."

Today, personally I don't take my own health for granted, it's something that I believe you have to keep in check constantly, as it's easy to slide down the scale again. Good health does require self-discipline, but it's well worth it in the long term.

The benefits of exercise etc. certainly 'out-weigh' the misery and suffering caused by ill-health and it's not to late to start - for further information take a look at the following website;

I just thought I'd mention, it's exactly one month to go until my 50th birthday! In case you're still wondering - I am very much still 'Fighting Fit' and today I'm planning to do some cycling and a little jogging myself, just to practice what I preach.

Have a good Health Week!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So Much Going On!!

Well it's been a really busy two weeks in my life, hence the lack of postings on this blog. I've had wedding's, birthdays, gradings, exhibitions, seminars, all mostly in the name of Kuk Sool, but I have to say that it's all been really good.

I've also been distracted an awful lot by using Facebook. Everyone is on there communicating away to each other and I've been chatting to people that I haven't seen for years.

I'm still trying to figure out whether it's is a good thing or not, I suppose in many ways it opens the doors of communication to people you wouldn't regularly see, however I'm still a little old-fashioned and tend to enjoy the face-to-face close-encounter type of chatting.

Oh well that's modern progress I suppose.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Scottish Kuk Sool Championships

Today we are heading off to the Granite City, Aberdeen, Scotland for the Kuk Sool Scottish Championships, only this time there's no hint of any volcanic ash.

The flight time from Norwich to Aberdeen should take just over an hour, which is fantastic when you imagine it takes ten hours to drive.

KJN Ali and I are looking forward in helping out with Black Belt gradings, seminars, and also the Scottish tournament.

All-in-all should be another great weekend. - Back on Monday!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Up until yesterday I've refrained from getting involved on Facebook. Instead I've opted to having a low profile, keeping my head below the radar so-to-speak.

So why a change of heart you might ask? Well the thing that always used to put me off about using social networking sites was the 'smut and dribble' that some people used to post on there, they probably still do, but my kids, Rachel & Jay have both explained to Ali and I about the positive benefits about using Facebook.

I've been informed that its a great way to keep in contact with many of my old school friends especially as many of us are now experiencing our 50th birthdays'. Its also great to keep in touch with many Kuk Sool, Instructors, and students both past and present.

In fact both Ali and I have only been on there for less than twenty-four hours and we've already gained over thirty-two contacts, with some people leaving us really nice heartfelt messages. I didn't realise that I had so many 'friends' out there.

My daughter Rachel runs a PR and marketing company called Apparition, she says that we need to increase our 'business profile' and Facebook and Twitter are both good ways of doing just that. So I'd better listen to her as she seems to know what she's talking about.

Oh well I'll give it a go and see what happens - I can always go back to burying my head in the sand again if all becomes too much for me.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

More Family Birthday's

Yesterday it was my Nephew George's 12th birthday, George is soon to follow in the long line of Kuk Sool black belts within our family with his hopeful promotion to 1st degree in June.

An interesting fact that I've just worked out, that within our family we have (including George) twenty black belt degrees (dahn's), with respect that's twice as many as Kuk Sa Nim!

Today it's my daughter Rachel's birthday, she's 24. The things that I remember most about her birth were the following;

(a) it was an extremely hot day 22c (b) I nearly missed her birth due to my wife's three hour labour (c) I nearly fainted due to all the excitement.

Best wishes to both George and Rachey!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Apple iphone

Yesterday I made my choice and got myself an Apple iphone. My wife Alison managed to get herself one as well under a similar contract that allows us both to have our handsets free of charge.

Of course there's no such thing as 'free' as far as mobile phone companies are concerned, because you obviously pay for the handsets in the long run. But I'm happy now that I have a decent phone that I can talk to people with as well as email and listen to music on.

I'm an 'Apple' satisfied customer!!

Sunday, 9 May 2010


I've just finished having Sunday evening tea around my In-laws. Somehow we managed to get on the subject of this particular blog.

After having a quick browse through some of the most recent items, my mother-in-law wanted to know why she hadn't been featured in any of the posts.

Well that's a good question - why hadn't she? Maybe its because she wasn't exciting enough or maybe it's just because I'd forgotten to add her in.

Well the truth of the matter is (and I'm back-tracking fast now), I didn't want to post any pictures without gaining their kind permission first.

So now that I have their blessing, ladies and gentleman - please allow me to introduce to you the fantastic Joy & Fred, my Mother and Father In-law!

Nice picture don't you think, which should definitely put me in her good books!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Election Fever

I don't really consider myself a political person, but I have to admit I have really enjoyed watching the debates and information concerning the recent General Election.

Last night (voting night) I stayed up watching TV until well past midnight and then awoke early next morning at 5am to continue to follow the way things were progressing.

I know that most people are a little reluctant to give-away which way they voted, but having put my cross on the ballot paper for Labour and the Lib Dem's at the last General Elections, I opted this time to vote for the Conservatives in order to bring about some positive change.

Therefore I'm slightly disappointed that the Conservatives didn't gain overall majority to win the Election, but I'm pleased to say that in my constituency of Suffolk Coastal, the majority of voters agreed with my own decision, with the Conservative Party gaining 46% share of the vote.

As a matter-of-fact, they now control 52 seats within the East of England region, Lib Dem's 4 and Labour 2. - I'm no statistician but I would say that's a pretty resounding victory for the Tories.

Over the next couple of day's it will be interesting to see what the final outcome will be, however on the whole doesn't it just make politics that little more exciting than it normally is.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

New Mobile Phone?

My current contract for my mobile phone is due to expire within the next couple of weeks and I'm seeking advice on which new mobile phone and tariff to get that will suit my needs best.

My current phone is an LG Arena which often freezes and has very poor battery life. I'm desperate to get a new phone as I can't seem to make a decent phone call without something strange happening.

I have a friend in Aberdeen who uses a Blackberry Bold and my daughter and her boyfriend both have a 3g iPhone, which they think are definitely the best.

So what are my basic requirements?
  • To be able to use it for emails and texts.

  • To help organise my small business and personal life.

  • To browse the Internet for News, Weather and Sport etc.

  • To listen to music & take good pictures
I've been looking at all the options and mobile phones available online and I think what I basically require is a 'Smartphone', but does anybody have any preference or advice to which one. I know much of its down to personal choice, but I'd like to hear your views anyway.

P.S. Just a note to finish - Can anyone remember what it was like before the era of 'mobile phones' - how did we ever survive?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Am I Crazy?

To be or not to be - that is the question?

Of course this is a famous quote from Hamlet, by William Shakespeare.

I often ask myself a very similar question.

"What do I make of myself?"

You see my real torment in life is exactly that. I often feel attracted to playing so many different roles depending on how my mood takes me.

I often feel that I've brought the essence of many previous 'past life experiences' into this present incarnation. (Sorry if that sounds a little weird.) I often feel confused about exactly who I am and exactly where my true purpose lies.

I can only vaguely describe my situation as the following; I often find myself as a Healer, Teacher, Coach, Warrior, Philosopher, Peacemaker, Entrepreneur, Writer, Poet, Lover, Artist, Musician, Buddhist Monk.

I also have a deep sense in feeling that I'm intuitive, but practical. I like to seek out adventure and relish a good challenge, but deep down I'm attracted toward inner-peace and search for tranquility. I yearn for modern technology and all that it brings, however at the same time I appreciate history and tradition.

I aim to be wealthy and rich, but respect and love the most simplest things in life, such as watching a golden sunset. I find comfort in the countryside, but also enjoy the buzz and excitement of the metropolis.

So as you can see from the above, I'm exactly as my father used to say - "a crazy mixed up kid"

I guess from this perspective he was probably right. At least one things for sure.......... you couldn't classify me as being - dull or boring!

Although I have to add ~ there's still nothing wrong with being dull or boring either.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Ali's Birthday

As I've probably mentioned before, family birthday's in our household are always quite an important occasion and last week it was the turn of my wife Ali.

Although it's always important not to give-away a ladies age, what I can say is that Ali was born in a very significant year. To give you a small clue, it was the year that the England football team last won a major international trophy.

To celebrate her special day I'd planned for us to spend a night away at our favourite Countryside Hotel and an evening-out at the the Theatre Royal in Norwich. Overall it was a lovely weekend and we both enjoyed ourselves very much.

Talking of birthday's - my special birthday is approaching very quickly and Ali has arealdy told me that she has planned to take me away somewhere special, it's a place where we can relax and enjoy each others company.

Doesn't that sound inviting!

Saturday, 1 May 2010


I've just managed to add a couple of pictures from our most recent trip to Thurso, Scotland.

The first is looking out over Dunnet Head, which is Britain's most northerly point and the second is the Orkney Islands, featuring the 'Old Man Of Hoy'. (click on the pic's for more detail) Both of these photo's were taken from my Hotel bedroom window, so please excuse the clarity.

While the rest of the country was basking in glorious sunshine, In Caithness it was snowing and cold, however the place still had a beauty of it's own and as you can see from the photo's there's something majestically about the scenery.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Personally I like being near water.

Lucky enough for me my Mother and Father-In -Law recently gave me a water-feature that they no longer wanted.

Thinking it would be just a short job to insert it into my garden I set about making plans for the forthcoming bank holiday weekend to start work.

After looking ahead to the five-day weather forecast, it predicted colder weather coming in by the end of the week, which is typical for bank holidays in the UK. Realising this I decided to bring my work plans forward.

So yesterday my son Jason and I set about digging a large hole ready to place the water feature in. Little did we know the effort required in placing the item into its designated spot.

The whole point of me mentioning this in my post today, is just to say that I'd forgotten what it was like to do some actual physical manual labour. I think Jason discovered this as well !

When I was younger, I had done plenty of labouring work for builders, plasterers, landscape gardener's and all sorts - however this was back-breaking at its very best.

Eventually I completed the task after about six hours, mainly because of the hard clay soil. I have to say that by the end of it I was completely knackered.

Today the water-feature is working lovely and makes a beautiful addition to the garden, bringing a sense of peace and tranquillity.

If someone was to ask me to do all again today, there would definitely be some unmentionable words used in return.

I send out my respect to all those Labourers who do this kind of work day-in-day out!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Life Is Good!

During the winter months I follow the laws of nature and tend to hibernate, mind you as soon a Spring comes - I'm up up and away.

I love to exercise as you've probably noticed if you're a regular visitor to my blog and if I get a good sweat on its all the better.

Recently I'm back to running on my treadmill. Every morning I arise at 7.00am, spend approximately 20 minutes meditating and then I head off to my garage and its 30mins running.

It's a fantastic way to start the day. After breakfast and a shower, I usually go off to work- well if you can call it work. I either decide to practice my own martial training, or prepare for classes in the evening.

I don't think that I have much to complain about and I'm truly grateful for all the good things that come my way.

Oh yes and the total icing on the cake is that I get to take my wife out to lunch most day's. I have to say that - Life is Good!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Back From Scotland

Like many other people, we had our flights cancelled due to the volcanic ash. The only other option for us was to drive all the way to Aberdeen in Scotland which is 546 miles.

After spending approximately 11 hours behind the wheel we eventually arrived at our destination. The day after that we completed our journey to Thurso, which again took another five hours (211 miles.)

Having just returned home, the only way that I can describe this experience of driving such a long distance is like the equivalent to having 'Jet Lag' (only without the jet.)

Thankfully I have today to recover before returning back to the classes tomorrow.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Thurso - Scotland

Have you ever heard of a town called Thurso ?

Well to inform you a little more, it's the most northly town on the British mainland, approx 25 miles from John O'Groats.

This coming weekend I'm due to visit there with my family to celebrate 20 year of Kuk Sool Won in Caithness.

To be exact, Thurso is around 700 miles away from my home and it will be my 31st visit to this remote location in the Highlands.

Twenty years ago I was encouraged by one of my martial art students to visit and help start the first ever Scottish Kuk Sool there.

After the first initial visit I was hooked by the warmth and friendliness of the locals, and was subsequently made an 'honourary Scotsman' and informed to 'hast ye back'. which I did. (several times)

As a matter of fact, I've worked out that this is my 31st trip to Thurso, Caithness; covering a total of 43,000 miles. That's committment (or madness) for you!!

Anyway it will be an emotional reunion for the family - Thurso has been like our second home and we still have many good friends that we're looking forward to seeing again.

I just know that it will be fantastic and memorable trip.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Friends 50th Birthday

Yesterday it was one of my old school friends 50th birthday, so I decided to surprise him and go to his place of work to wish him a 'Happy Birthday.'

We got to talking about how he actually felt to reach the grand old age of fifty and both came to the conclusion that we thankfully didn't feel (or act) our current age.

My 50th birthday is also fast approaching, in July to be precise, however I have many friends that live locally that will reach this milestone before I do. So maybe there's a chance that I can ease into maturity gently after everyone else, without creating a lot of fuss or attention.

I have to admit though, I'm really looking forward to this significant birthday and want to embrace it fully with vigour, energy and vitality.

Actually - Isn't what this whole blog is about anyway?

Rock On!!


Spring is definitely in the air!

I can usually tell when the weather turns for the better as I start to fully exercise again.

I know that it's a poor excuse but I just can't seem to exercise when its cold.

Today I started off first by running two miles, then cycling about 2-3 miles, after that playing football with my son, (even though he's 21 we still enjoying kicking a ball about together) then some light martial art training.

Overall - I feel great!!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter - What Does It mean to you?

Although I was born and raised within a Christian environment I do not follow the beliefs of Christianity as such.

This does not mean to say that I don't have my own particular spiritual beliefs or disbelieve in a higher source, I just tend not to not nail my colours to any one particular mast.

Because of my connections with the martial arts I tend to be more attracted to Taoism and Buddhism as a particular way to lead my life, however I also totally respect the beliefs of others at the same time.

So my question to any person that is a follower of Christianity; what does Easter mean to you?

I know that it's an important time for many people, but does Easter have any personal significant meaning in your own life, apart from taking time-out for a long weekend break?

I'm just curious - that's all!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Kuk Sool Update!

I've now been practising the traditional Korean Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won continuously now for over thirty years .

Last weekend I participated in a Masters' training session held in Norwich, with the Grandmasters two eldest son's.

I have to say it was one of the best sessions that I've had for many years and it gave me every reason to want to continue practising this wonderful martial art for several years to come.

Although our Association has been going through some major changes over the past couple of years, I felt re-assured that our art has not lost some of it's more traditional aspects, despite what some people might think.

As Master Alex Suh (the Grandmasters 2nd eldest son) suggested that just because we are more concerned with putting into place more of the safety aspects these days, the techniques that we do learn are still as effective, if executed to their full extent.

Admittedly the Kuk Sool style that I initially learnt at the very beginning is totally different to that which is practised today, I do however personally enjoy my training just as much as I ever did, if not even more.

As long as we still have 'true' Masters like Sung Jin Suh & Alex Suh teaching us, there's definitely no need to look elsewhere for any other martial art training - these guys' are the best of the best and certainly know their particular art inside out.

Kuk Sool!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Knee Injury

Last week I was demonstrating a specific martial art move to an Instructor when I suddenly twisted my knee joint, so much so that I heard something inside crack.

My first reaction was to fall to the ground in pain. Afterwards I then massaged and stretched the knee joint and tried to assess the damage that had been caused.

In the past I've had suffered cruciate ligament problems that have taken approximately two years to completely heal, so I actually feared the worst that the same might have happened again.

The next morning my knee was very stiff, sore and painful but I was still able to walk, which was very good sign.

Slowly over the next couple of days, the stiffness wore off and the pain subsided - Thankfully the damage was not as great as I'd first expected.

This time I had been very lucky and my injury caused only minimal disruption to my training. However my sympathies go out to anyone who is suffering with a similar knee problem at the present time.

I know that is nothing more frustrating than an athlete or sports-person that can't train because of a specific knee problem. For those people in this situation you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

So anyone reading this post suffering with a knee injury - I wish you well and a very speedy recovery.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Word Of The Moment ~ Passion

Passion - Isn't that just a fantastic word...... It's a word that I've been thinking about a lot just lately.

Below is a definition of the word taken from Wikipedia, which kind-a sums it all up really.

Passion can be expressed as a feeling of unusual excitement, enthusiasm or compelling emotion towards a subject, idea, person, or object. A person is said to have a passion for something when they have a strong positive affinity for it. A love for something and a passion for something are very similar feelings.

I've recently asked myself the following questions concerning my own passion;
  • Do I still have a passion to want to live an inspired life
  • Does passion still exist in my own personal relationships
  • Am I passionate about helping other people
The answer to all three questions is of course............YES

So let me ask you .......what puts a smile on your face, what is it that you're willing to do absolutely free of charge, what can't you stop talking about, what sparks your creativity? These are all very good questions aren't they.

A recent survey suggest that maybe 75 % of people do not know what there true passion is .... do you?

So I want to know - what keeps you up late at night or gets you out of bed early in the morning? Don't be shy - reply to this post and let me know 'what floats your boat.' Sorry to be inquisitive but I'm interested in 'You'.

So as far as today is concerned - As Tony Robbins would say ~ Live With Passion

Coincidentally - look at the time of this posting, does that give you an indication about what I'm passionate about doing!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Peace & Quiet

Every so often I do yearn for some peace and quiet, space away from everyone! Don't get me wrong I love people, but sometimes I just need solitude.

Last week my wife Ali and I went back to the Peak District in Derbyshire. We stayed at the same location as we did last year, Blakelow Cottages, near Matlock.

While my wife was just chilling out in the Cottage, I ventured off and did some hill walking alone in the countryside. I must have walked miles without seeing another person.

For me just spending time alone allows me to relax and just think. After a short while I then seem to find a higher level of inspiration, it's no wonder that many artist's, poets and song writers have felt inspired by this type of environment also.

Anyway after spending four days wandering in hills, I've just returned home to 'flat' Suffolk.

I have to say that I'm feeling really relaxed, re-invigorated and once again ready to face the big wide-world.