Sunday, 27 June 2010

England v's Germany -Update!!

So much for my predication concerning the football match between England & Germany ! Hey I'm a Martial Arts Instructor - what the heck do I know about football anyway!

'Mum In A Million'

Last year I bought my Mum a rose for Mother's Day - It was called 'Mum In A Million'. Well here it is in full-bloom.

Also a lovely photo of my Mum who's actually 85 this year - also in full bloom.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Come On England!!

As far back as I can remember I've always enjoyed kicking a Football. I have never been a prolific soccer player myself, but I've followed the 'beautiful game' all my life.

The 2010 World Cup has been very interesting to watch and well done to South Africa for hosting an excellent tournament. But now we're getting down to the crunch games and there's no bigger rivalry than England v's Germany.

Watching England play Slovenia on Wednesday was a nerve-wracking experience and I suppose over the years I've seen many England games that have left myself as well as the rest of the nation thinking about 'what could have been.'

So come on England, the whole nation is behind you! Lets see you at least crush the Germans. I predict a 2-0 victory to England. (No penalties)

Then hopefully it's the Argentinians next!

PS The photograph shows the Kuk Sool kids in Halesworth - We're supporting England and South Korea as well!!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Birthday destination

Soon I will be able to inform you about the destination where I'm likely to spend my 50th Birthday; is it going to be Thailand, China, Canadian Rocky Mountains or just good old Britain?

All will be revealed very shortly.

Come back soon to find out!!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Men's Health Week 2010

It's the start of National Men's Health Week, which is all about bringing increased awareness to all issues concerning male health and fitness.

From my own perspective I realise that it is so important for men of my own particular age (and younger) to look after themselves in the way of regular exercise and following a balanced diet.

It is a known fact that so many illnesses and diseases could be avoided by just paying a little more attention to these particular aspects, as well as a reduction in smoking and alcohol intake.

In my youth I have to admit, mainly due to ignorance and lifestyle I did eat a lot of junk food, as well as smoking and drinking alcohol excessively. I always felt pretty crap to say the least until I took up the martial arts. So I do know what it's like to experience what I like to call the "dark-side."

Today, personally I don't take my own health for granted, it's something that I believe you have to keep in check constantly, as it's easy to slide down the scale again. Good health does require self-discipline, but it's well worth it in the long term.

The benefits of exercise etc. certainly 'out-weigh' the misery and suffering caused by ill-health and it's not to late to start - for further information take a look at the following website;

I just thought I'd mention, it's exactly one month to go until my 50th birthday! In case you're still wondering - I am very much still 'Fighting Fit' and today I'm planning to do some cycling and a little jogging myself, just to practice what I preach.

Have a good Health Week!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

So Much Going On!!

Well it's been a really busy two weeks in my life, hence the lack of postings on this blog. I've had wedding's, birthdays, gradings, exhibitions, seminars, all mostly in the name of Kuk Sool, but I have to say that it's all been really good.

I've also been distracted an awful lot by using Facebook. Everyone is on there communicating away to each other and I've been chatting to people that I haven't seen for years.

I'm still trying to figure out whether it's is a good thing or not, I suppose in many ways it opens the doors of communication to people you wouldn't regularly see, however I'm still a little old-fashioned and tend to enjoy the face-to-face close-encounter type of chatting.

Oh well that's modern progress I suppose.