Sunday, 26 April 2009

Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Exercise

Part of maintaining a healthy-living regime is focusing on a correct diet, the other half of course is exercising correctly.

For many years I used to train like a Trojan (no pain- no gain type of attitude) without any particular understanding what it was doing to my body.

Unfortunately as mentioned in some of my previous postings I often suffered with burn-out. Thankfully I'm now beginning to understand the reason why.

Here's what I've recently discovered.

Aerobic exercise basically describes any type of activity that is performed at a moderate level, that increases the heart rate for an extended period of time. (Aerobic literally means 'with oxygen'.)

This type of exercise helps to remove toxins and acids from the body and rabidly burns stored fat, while helping to regulate the metabolism and is primary used for building stamina.

Of course there are many ways to exercise aerobically, my own preferred methods are, walking, running, cycling, swimming, and martial art 'forms' practice.

My 'general rule of thumb' is that if I'm able to hold a conversation with someone while performing an activity, means that I'm doing the exercise correctly.

Anaerobic training, which is exercise performed at a more rapid heart rate can often lead to more acid build-up in the body (lactic acid).

When the heart beats over a certain rate of BPM (beats per minute) the body begins to burn sugar instead of fat, this is where the change from aerobic to anaerobic occurs.

When this shift occurs the body switches from using stored fat as energy to the use of carbohydrate (sugar) as the primary source of energy.

There are of course benefits in exercising anerobically such as an increase in strength and speed, but for me personally my own training is specifically geared for endurance, strength, stamina and fleixbility.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

My New Best Friend - The Juicer!

As part of the alkalising course I was recommended to go out and buy myself a Juicer, but not just any old Juicer as it has to be a specific type.

The one I've purchased is called a Masticating Juicer which basically means that it works at a slower speed and churns and chews vegetables without losing to much of the nutrients in the process.

Tonight I've just made myself a fresh vegetable drink from the following ingredients; Spinach, Cucumber, Asparagus, - how about that for a 'power drink'.

Ali's Birthday

As many of you know I'm blessed to have a gorgeous wife called Ali.

Today's it's her birthday and I just wanted to share with you, for those of you who take time to read read my blog my thoughts about her....

She inspires me

Keeps me on track - when my ideas are crazy

Looks after our kids 100%

Pays attention to the detail

Is such good fun to be around

Makes me laugh.... when I'm feeling down

Walks every step alongside me

A mentally tough lady with a soft warm centre

She's balanced and focused

Composed, Elegant, Gorgeous

Happy Birthday Ali x

Alkalising Course

Well as promised - I'm going to reveal the latest health regime that I've decided to undertake.

I've enrolled on a twelve week online alkalising course to help me gain increased energy and vitality, in addition to some weight loss.

Many times throughout my life I have worked on ways to increase my fitness, however I have often sacrificed my health by doing so. - (Basically I didn't train properly)

As I've often mentioned several times in this blog, one of my biggest enemies is burnout, which I've since discovered is me basically creating an over acid lifestyle through eating incorrectly and exercising incorrectly. (I'll explain more about this later.)

Let me ask you the following question - How many people do you know that seem quite fit but always have colds or injuries? ....You might be one of them yourself?

I was the same because I didn't understand the difference between having good health & fitness.
Since writing the last post and following the course (I'm now on day four) ) I have to be totally honest I already have increased energy levels and start to feel totally alive.

I'll explain more details in a future post...............

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Back To Exercising

After re-charging my batteries over the Easter holiday I now really feel like exercising again.

I have been running two miles a day since last Sunday on my treadmill, which always helps to increase my energy levels and makes me feel good.

I am eating healthy and have adopted a new eating regime, which I'll go into more detail at a later date. I want to make sure that it works for me first then I'll spread the news.

Over the cold winter months my weight increased to 13stone 9lbs and I have a goal to loose the 9lbs if possible - That would bring me near-enough in-line with my ideal weight for my age.

With my 25th Wedding Anniversary approaching in July I intend to be really fighting fit for that special occasion as well as for the trip to Italy in September.

Monday, 6 April 2009

The Garden

Following on from my last post about 'taking time to smell the roses' I have decided to spend a little more time in the garden today.

Although I'm not an avid gardener I do like it to look nice and tidy, with the grass well kept and the borders weed free.

So after cutting the grass yesterday, today I shall spend a little time on weeding the borders and cutting back the bushes.

The forecast is rain to come for the following week - so for the time being I'd better leave the blog and get outside while the sun is still shining.

Oh and as a matter of interest, I do have some lovely rose bushes in the garden and this year I definitely plan to take time to smell them as well.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Time To Smell The Roses

Having worked extremely hard over the last twenty-three years or so to build a successful business, as well as providing the best for my family, I now find myself at a place in time where it's maybe 'time to stop and smell the roses'.

What's brought this about you may suddenly ask yourself - has his age finally caught up with him - What's going on?

My wife (who is also my greatest mentor) has told me for many years to follow these particular words of wisdom and of course like most men............ I've never listened.

Many times I have often found myself burnt-out with nothing left for myself or anyone else for that matter.

Sitting in my garden this morning (after my morning run and bike ride) I found a quiet spot and listened to the birds chirping away and while the sun gleamed down on my face I contemplated life.

My thoughts soon led me toward some news that I heard about last week concerning two friends, one close and the other not so close. Both unfortunately are fighting there own separate bouts of Cancer, one of which I discovered is terminal.

Of course when this happens to people you know it certainly makes you look at your own life from an entirely different perspective.

With this in mind its made me realise that life is precious and maybe now for myself it really is time for me to stop striving and now begin truly arriving.

Of course there are still things that I want to achieve, however many of these are less materialistic and a little more about having positive experiences, enjoying life and having some fun.

So maybe it really is ~ 'Time For Myself To Smell The Roses'

Spring is here !

Yippee......Spring is here and I'm coming out of hibernation.

Today it's a beautiful, warm, sunny day and I've already been out running and cycling. I do feel so vibrant when the sun shines.

For me personally the weather does make all the difference - I just love to exercise in a warm climate and I love to workout in the sun.

I really love to swim, run, cycle and walk outdoors and of course for many days of the year the weather in Britain is so cold and gloomy and for me that's a real turn-off.

So I'm celebrating today - a lovely gorgeous spring-like day here in Britain.

Here's to keeping Fighting Fit