Monday, 16 November 2009

Feeling On Top Of The World

After feeling really miserable last week, I have once again turned to my alkalising diet / exercise regime, which I did last spring/summer.

Again spending a few days of restraint from eating over acidic foods and absolutely no alcohol, I'm once again feeling on top of the world and what a feeling it is. (I'd forgotten how good it feels)

It therefore just goes to show, that by paying a little attention to what we eat and drink what a difference it can have toward our overall mental and physical well-being.

I'm certainly not suggesting that everyone will think this is a miracle cure for the 'blues', but I honestly have to say - it's helped me.

P.S. The 'Juicer' is back!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

An Honest Update On How I'm Doing!

Hi there,

I'm just giving those of you who might be just remotely interested an update on my health & fitness regime.

Well, as I am an honest type of guy, I have to unfortunately admit that at present it's not good news.

Since my last reported weigh-in during the late summer, I've gained 6 - 7 pounds and my overall weight is now standing at 13stone 5lbs.

Although I'm not particularly concerned about my actual weight-gain, I am worried about the way I've been feeling just lately. Yes I'm back to being tired, sluggish and irritable, which I really, really detest.

So what's caused this downturn in my health regime? It's a question that I've recently been pondering over myself?

After returning home from Italy I've been craving 'high' carb food and alcohol, especially white wine and although I believe that one or two classes of wine and few slices of bread might not do an enormous amount of harm, it does stop me from wanting to exercise regularly.

So starting tomorrow I'm hoping to return to a more alkaline eating regime - like I did in the summer - (re-read post on alkalising) and I've also started running on the treadmill again.

Yes - I want to feel good!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Shiatsu Post Graduate Course

Yesterday, I started a post graduate course in Shiatsu & Oriental Medicine, in Norwich Norfolk.

I can't believe that it has been over seventeen years since I started my initial training in Shiatsu, eventually qualifying from the Shiatsu College (Norwich) in 1995.

The strangest thing I noticed after attending yesterdays all-day session, was it actually made me feel like only a month or two had passed since my very last lesson back in 1995, which I have to say was a very weird feeling indeed.

It was really nice because I just slotted back in where I had left off. This was probably due to the fact that my original teachers were still presenting the class in exactly the same format as they did all those years ago - relaxed but very informative.

So what did I learn yesterday? Well that's a good question....amongst a variety of subjects being taught, I specifically learnt how to give a very effective neck treatment, which rather paid off this morning as I've already had the pleasure in helping my wife, who was suffering with a rather stiff neck.

As a regular patient of mine, my wife Ali knows what my usual treatment is like, however after this particular session she commented on how different and somewhat refined my treatment seemed, which made me feel that what I had learnt yesterday was well worth all the time, effort and expense.

More important from my own perspective, I also realised how important it was for me to 'receive' Shiatsu myself. Being on the end of several other peoples 'treatments' yesterday, I had truly forgotten how good it actually feels to be a recipient.

So overall yesterday's training was really rewarding in many ways -and I aim to continue with the Post Graduate Course and can't wait for the next session in January 2010.