Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Health Issues

What's going on; everyone I know is having some kind of health issue. My immediate family members are either suffering with the stomach bug or the flu. Personally I still have this niggling cough, which as been persistent now, on and off, since October.

My dear mother who is 85 has been suffering with DVT (blood clot) in her leg. So I've been looking after her, acting as her nurse by giving her regular injections, as well as several trips to the local hospital for blood tests etc. I'm grateful that she's now on the mend.

I know that it's February and it's the usual time to pick up any virus that's floating around, however I'm beginning to notice that everyone I talk to seems to be suffering from some kind of ailment.

Thankfully the Snowdrops are starting to emerge from the ground, which usually means that Spring is just around the corner.

This particular winter, for me, has seemed really long, really cold and really miserable, or maybe it's just the way I've been viewing it. Never mind I just can't wait for those warm sunny days to be upon us again.

Roll-on the Spring!

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